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Spirited synopsis of your movie : Each Christmas Eve, the Ghost of Christmas Present selects one dark soul to be reformed by a visit from three spirits. But this season, he picked the wrong Scrooge. Clint Briggs turns the tables on his ghostly host until Present finds himself reexamining his own past, present and future.

Spirited movie cast :

  • Present: Will Ferrell
  • Clint Briggs: Ryan Reynolds
  • Kimberly: Octavia Spencer
  • Marley: Patrick Page
  • Past: Sunita Mani
  • Yet-To-Come: Loren G. Woods
  • Yet-To-Come (voice): Tracy Morgan
  • Owen: Joe Tippett
  • Wren / Young Carrie: Marlow Barkley
  • Nora: Aimee Carrero
  • Carrie: Andrea Anders
  • Wendy: Jen Tullock
  • Mr. Bryan: Adam Grupper
  • Ms. Blansky: Rose Byrne
  • Neighbor Dad: Matt Cardenes
  • Neighbor Mom / Costume Ghost #1: Ava Bernstine
  • Neighbor Girl: Charlene Anders
  • Harlan: Naheem Garcia
  • Security Ghost: Jayme Rae Dailey
  • Eight-Year-Old Clint: Nico Tirozzi
  • Senator: Chloe Arnold
  • 1800s London Boy: Ian Dolley
  • 1800s Street Vendor: Alison Weller
  • Zoe: Candi Marie
  • Gabe: Darrion Gallegos
  • Charlie: Woody Fu
  • Josh Hubbins: Maximilian Lee Piazza
  • Josh’s Father: Martin Lee
  • Support Ghost: Greg Swartz
  • Present’s Daughter: Maven Morgan
  • Present’s Son: Giovanni Daniel Pollina
  • Mr. Alteli: P.J. Byrne
  • Cab Driver: Jonathan Kobs
  • Communications Ghost: Ai Shimatsu
  • Headset Ghost: Kameron Saunders
  • Eight-Year-Old Wren: Sophia Algilani
  • 1800s Bobby Cop: Jeremy Hudson
  • 1800s Carriage Driver: Jason Holley
  • 1800s Ragamuffin Girl: Sky Vaux Fuller
  • 1800s Woman in Line: Donyelle Denise Jones
  • 1800s Priest: Daniel Silverberg
  • 1800s Bride: Pamela Yasutake
  • 1800s Groom / Elf Partygoer: Will Thomas
  • 1800s Scullery Maid: Courtney Allen
  • 1800s Pauper: Scott Myrick
  • 1800s Proper Lady #1: Khadijah Wilson
  • 1800s Proper Lady #2: Martha Nichols
  • Oliver Twist: Gavin Maddox Bergman
  • 1800s Woman in Line: Amanda Cleghorn
  • 1800s Pub Woman: Christina Glur
  • 1800s Pub Waitress: Kim Niemi
  • Briggs Media Receptionist: Addison Sharp
  • Spanish Ghost: Gaby Diaz
  • 1800s Showman: Jeremy Landon Hays
  • Nora’s Husband: Marcos Valles
  • Steve (Tree Grower): Kevin Craig West
  • Walter the Janitor: Steve Gagliastro
  • Reporter #1: Kaitlynn Edgar
  • Reporter #2: Randi Freitas
  • Randy: Jabu Graybeal
  • Dame Judi Dench: Judi Dench
  • Nora’s Son: Elijah Carvalho
  • Nora’s Daughter: Emelia Camille Harewood
  • Present’s Fantasy Son #1: Amos Lee Hamrick III
  • Present’s Fantasy Son #2: Josiah Amos Lee Hamrick
  • Jazz Trio #1: Mauro DePasquale
  • Jazz Trio #2: Edward Conley
  • Jazz Trio #3: Philip Madison
  • Old Clint: Thomas P. Gillis
  • Ghost Research Assistant: Bianca Brewton
  • 1800s Mother with Pram: Heather Sullivan
  • 1800s Aristocrat: Alexander M. Akerblom
  • 1800s Pianist: James Grillo
  • 1800s Fish and Chips Guy: Billy Concha
  • Coffee Ghost: Maraide Green
  • NY Bystander: Valerie Martin
  • Owen’s Keyboardist: Cynthia Meng
  • Owen’s Bassist: Alexandra Eckhardt
  • Ghost Executive: Maud Arnold
  • Jimmy Fallon: Jimmy Fallon
  • Samuel Michael Oak Williams: Samuel Michael Oak Williams
  • Clint Double: Michael Ryan Palmer
  • Clint Double: Mike Devine
  • Recruit Woman: Alise Morales
  • Recruit Woman: Cheyenne Perez
  • Recruit Guy: Cody Brotter
  • Recruit Guy: Nate Jackson
  • Support Ghost: Chau Long
  • HR Ghost (Margo): Lily Sullivan
  • Father (uncredited): Bhanu Gopal

Spirited movie crew :

  • Novel: Charles Dickens
  • Executive Producer: Diana Pokorny
  • Producer: Will Ferrell
  • Editor: Brad Wilhite
  • Director of Photography: Kramer Morgenthau
  • Writer: Sean Anders
  • Producer: Jessica Elbaum
  • Producer: David Koplan
  • Writer: John Morris
  • Casting: Rachel Tenner
  • Original Music Composer: Dominic Lewis
  • Songs: Justin Paul
  • Choreographer: Chloe Arnold
  • Stunts: Shawnna Thibodeau
  • Songs: Benj Pasek
  • Producer: George Dewey
  • Set Designer: Masha Kurenkov
  • Visual Effects: John Allegretti

Movie homepage :

Spirited 2022
Companies : Maximum Effort,Gloria Sanchez Productions,Two Grown Men,Apple Studios
2022-11-10 – English – Released
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