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Water Mirror – Movie 2022


Water Mirror synopsis of one’s movie : This just isn’t a porn film. This just isn’t LA. In this film the protagonist ( Rowland ) emerges through the sea almost as primal man. He is Ecosexual, he transforms himself as a clay living sculpture, he turns into a movie that is 70’s and at the end he returns to the sea. It presents the male body as erotic object and as thinking, feeling subject. This is a film that is poetic water. Water is represented as being a element that is cleansing as a substance that restores man to his original form. Water as a nurturing element; as a substance that can hold the entirety of a weight that is man’s. In this film water can be an element that is distinct from man: feminine, fluid, translucent. The hardness of the cock that is man’s the effectiveness of a man’s body, the effectiveness of a man’s ejaculation are formulated a lot more masculine within the presence of water.

Water Mirror movie cast :

  • …: Rowland Byass
  • …: Joc Daddy

Water Mirror movie crew :

  • Sound Designer: António da Silva
  • Music: Marçal dos Campos
  • Sound Effects Designer: Rui Miguel Almeida

Movie homepage :

Water Mirror 2022
Companies :
2022-11-11 – – Released
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