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In from the Side – 2023


In from the Side synopsis of your movie : Two men in a gay men’s rugby club must conceal an adulterous affair they unwittingly fall into before it leads to the collapse of the delicate social and political fabric of the club.

In from the Side movie cast :

  • Mark: Alexander Lincoln
  • Warren: Alexander King
  • John: Peter McPherson
  • Jimmy: Christopher Sherwood
  • Carlos: Ivan Comisso
  • Pinky: Pearse Egan
  • Gareth: Carl Loughlin
  • Oli: Kane Surry
  • Henry: William Hearle
  • Richard: Alex Hammond
  • Alice: Mary Lincoln
  • Cardiff Draconians Team Captain: Steve Brockman
  • Player ‘A’ Team Member: Robbie Main
  • Stuart: Chris Garner
  • Neil: Franck Assi
  • Leonard: Nigel Fairs
  • Party Goer: Diana Govina
  • Barry: Tom Murphy
  • Gwen: Melissa Dalton

In from the Side movie crew :

  • Cinematography: Matt Carter
  • Focus Puller: Gabriel Niedojadlo
  • Producer: Adam Silver
  • Producer: Andrew Faure
  • Associate Producer: Douglas Di Salvo
  • First Assistant Director: Aidan Kirwan
  • First Assistant Director: Bozhidar Peychev
  • First Assistant Camera: Nick Valeontis
  • Second Assistant Camera: Brad Shemmell
  • Focus Puller: Sam East
  • Sound Mixer: Simon Hornett
  • Sound Mixer: Simon Norman
  • Boom Operator: Sven Mattes
  • Boom Operator: Mike Shackleton
  • Associate Producer: Phil Hartley
  • Associate Producer: Peter Demers
  • Associate Producer: Steven Lyons

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In from the Side 2023
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2023-01-20 – English – Released
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