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Emergency Declaration – Movie 2022


Synopsis of Emergency Declaration : While investigating a terroristic threat that goes viral online, Korean authorities realize that a suspect has recently boarded a global flight bound for the United States. When a wholesome passenger for a passing fancy flight suddenly dies a gruesome loss of unknown cause, panic erupts both in-flight as well as on the bottom. With steadily decreasing fuel and international refusals to supply aid, the captain and crew may be forced to take unprecedented emergency measures so as to save the lives of these passengers.
movie cast :

  • In-ho: Song Kang-ho
  • Jae-hyuk: Lee Byung-hun
  • Sook-hee: Jeon Do-yeon
  • Hyun-soo: Kim Nam-gil
  • Jin-seok: Yim Si-wan
  • Hee-jin: Kim So-jin
  • Tae-su: Park Hae-jun
  • Tae-eun: Seol In-a
  • Soo-min: Kim Bo-min
  • Dr. Han: Moon Sook
  • Hye-yoon: Woo Mi-hwa
  • Yoon-cheol: Hyun Bong-sik
  • Min-jung: Kwon Han-sol
  • Si-young: Lee Yul-eum
  • Captain: Lim Hyung-kook
  • Mi-ryang: Kim Kuk-hee
  • Yoon-seok: Kim Hak-sun
  • In-seon: Lee Si-won
  • Jong-su: Im Sung-jae
  • Survivor: Kang Mal-geum
  • Director regarding the National Security Office: Nam Myung-ryeol
  • Minister of Health and Welfare: Kim Ho-jung
  • Director of KCDC: Lee Hwa-ryong
  • …: Maurice Turner Jr.
  • News anchor: Lee Jae-eun
  • News anchor: Wang Jong-myung
  • …: Kwak Min-kyu
  • …: Yoon Se-woong

Emergency Declaration movie crew :

  • Original Music Composer: Lee Byung-woo
  • Director of Photography: Lee Mo-gae
  • Sound Supervisor: Kim Suk-won
  • Special Effects Supervisor: Jung Do-ahn
  • Writer: Han Jae-rim
  • Costume Design: Chae Kyung-hwa
  • Director of Photography: Park Jong-cheol
  • Production Sound Mixer: Cho Min-ho
  • Production Design: Lee Mok-won
  • Makeup & Hair: Kim Seo-young
  • Producer: Um Joo-yeong
  • VFX Supervisor: Hong Jeong-ho
  • Editor: Kim Woo-hyun
  • Lighting Director: Lee Seong-hwan
  • Martial Arts Choreographer: Jung Yun-heon
  • VFX Supervisor: Jay Seung Jaegal
  • Production Design: Jin Hye-jung
  • Executive Producer: Kim Do-su
  • Producer: Baek Chang-ju
  • Digital Intermediate: Park Jin-young
  • Props: Park Jae-wan
  • Editor: Lee Kang-il

Movie homepage : Emergency Declaration 2022
Companies : Showbox,C-JeS Entertainment,Cine Joo,MAGNUM9
2022-08-03 – 한국어/조선말,日本語,English – Released

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Credits: TheMovieDb.

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