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Bosch & Rockit – 2023


Bosch & Rockit synopsis of one’s movie : As Rockit grapples to know why his Mum’s not coming home, he embarks for a magical holiday together with his father, Bosch, and then discover they’re actually running through the law. Rockit finds a soulmate and teenage love with then Ash Ash, nonetheless it’s the ocean that provides him the security and calm he yearns from his parents. Ultimately Rockit is really a boy nurtured and held of course.

Bosch & Rockit movie cast :

  • Bosch: Luke Hemsworth
  • Rockit: Rasmus King
  • Deb: Isabel Lucas
  • Elizabeth: Leeanna Walsman
  • Wendy: Heather Mitchell
  • Keith: Michael Sheasby
  • Derek: Martin Sacks
  • Ash-Ash: Savannah La Rain
  • Nurse Anna Seresin: Pearl Spring Voss
  • Officer Williams: Ryan Oliver Gelbart
  • Jewels: Lauren Keane
  • Dr. Lang: Kaeng Wei-Chan
  • Salty: Paul Huntley-Thomas
  • Fish Shop Owner: Barry Tukz Kopua

Bosch & Rockit movie crew :

  • Music: Brian Cachia
  • Cinematography: Ben Nott
  • Costume Designer: Emily Seresin
  • Editor: Scott Gray
  • Production Design: David McKay
  • Writer: Drue Metz
  • Writer: Tyler Atkins

Movie homepage :

Bosch & Rockit 2023
Companies : Black Pearl Productions,Sunshine Bear Films
2023-02-03 – English – Released
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