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Seriously Red – 2023


Seriously Red synopsis of the movie : Raylene ‘Red’ Delaney trades her nine to five career in real estate for the life beneath the spotlight as being a Dolly Parton impersonator. A liaison that is romantic Kenny Rogers then occurs while her tumultuous journey continues full of fake hair and artificial boobs.

Seriously Red movie cast :

  • Red: Krew Boylan
  • Kenny: Daniel Webber
  • Teeth: Celeste Barber
  • Francis: Thomas Campbell
  • Viv: Jean Kittson
  • Wilson / Neil Diamond: Bobby Cannavale
  • Elvis: Rose Byrne
  • Forbes: Todd Lasance
  • Lionel: Wayne Blair
  • Doc Nell: Nell Campbell

Seriously Red movie crew :

  • Executive Producer: Rose Byrne
  • Producer: Gary Hamilton
  • Producer: Robyn Kershaw
  • Producer: Michelle Krumm
  • Music: Cezary Skubiszewski
  • “A” Camera Operator: Toby Oliver
  • Production Design: Penny Southgate
  • Producer: Joel Pearlman
  • Producer: John Partridge
  • Writer: Krew Boylan
  • Director: Gracie Otto
  • Producer: Josh Pomeranz
  • Producer: Ying Ye
  • Script Supervisor: Victoria Sullivan
  • Executive Producer: D.J. McPherson
  • Producer: Danny Nozell
  • Producer: James Brown
  • Editor: Kate Hickey
  • Script Editor: Lynne Vincent McCarthy
  • Producer: David Roddis
  • Producer: Deanne Weir
  • Producer: Lois Randall
  • Producer: Lisa Osinloye
  • Producer: Simone White
  • Executive Producer: Jack Christian
  • Producer: Rob Mckay
  • First Assistant “a”* that is(: Riki Byrne
  • Producer: Benny Ainsworth
  • Steadicam Operator: Jake Iesu
  • First Assistant “B” Camera: Dan Abbott
  • Second Assistant “A” Camera: Mark Desiatov
  • Second Assistant “B” Camera: Rebekah Hawkey
  • Still Photographer: Kane Skennar
  • Producer: Steven Scharkss
  • Producer: Olivia Humphrey
  • Producer: Clare Ainsworth Herschnell
  • Producer: Carina Fraser
  • Producer: Rob Boylan
  • Producer: Hayley Baille

Movie homepage :

Seriously Red 2023
Companies : Screen Australia,Robyn Kershaw Productions,The Dollhouse Pictures,Filmology Finance
2023-02-10 – English – Released
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