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Robots synopsis of your movie : A womanizer, Charles and a gold digger, Elaine, trick people into relationships with illegal robot doubles of themselves. When they unwittingly use this scam on each other, their robot doubles fall in love and elope, forcing Charles and Elaine to team up to hunt them down before the authorities discover their secret.

Robots movie cast :

  • Charles: Jack Whitehall
  • Elaine: Shailene Woodley
  • Emily Denholm: Chelsea Edmundson
  • Francesca: Emanuela Postacchini
  • Chef: Barney Burman
  • Deputy Chavez: Samantha Ashley
  • Butler: Patrick Burch

Robots movie crew :

  • Writer: Anthony Hines
  • Writer: Casper Christensen
  • Producer: Cassian Elwes
  • Producer: Stephen Hamel
  • Executive Producer: Thorsten Schumacher
  • Executive Producer: Jere Hausfater

Movie homepage :

Robots 2023
Companies : Company Films,Robots Filmproduktion,Road Film,RocketScience,Elevated Films
2023-05-19 – English – Released
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